Connect These Objects – A Writing Game/Excercise

Recently, I went to a store and let my 6 yr old pick out presents for his friend’s Birthday Party. I gave him a spending limit, and he picked out a small firetruck, weights, marbles, a light-up bouncy ball, a trick-or treat pumpkin head, cobwebs, Play-Doh, gummy worms, gummy bears, and some Mike and Ikes. 

“Hmm. Okay.”

Collectively, they just looked like a random assortment of gifts (which they were) so I tied them into a common collective thread via a story. Personalized for the birthday boy, I had to work all the items into the tale. Some of the gifts were harder to integrate than the others, but they all came together in the end. (Luckily their teacher does a gummy bear dance that was a big hit earlier that month.)

The result was Marcus and the Orb of Destiny. In the story, Mike and Ike persuade Marcus to go after the Orb of Destiny. A guardian troll surprises him, but Marcus finds a way to escape – taking the magic orb with him. (Go Marcus!)

It was definitely an interesting challenge, and I was proud of the result. Especially the way I incorporated the weights. They gave me the biggest headache, but once I stuck them in the tunnel their purpose and use in the story became clear. 

You can read the story (to be posted later) to find out what I did, or come up with your own adventure. 

Write on!

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