I give presentations on the following topics:

Book Making...How to make your own book to sell to your friends. An overview of the publication process with and without a printing press.  

For the Love of to becoming better writers (and readers).

For the Rhythm of the Word...overview of  some less traditional poetry styles before you learn some techniques to help you write some poems of your own. 

Science and Poetry...The Science of poetry and the poetry in Science. (Connected to Poetical Reactions - a book that mixed chemical principals with life.)

So You Want to Write a Story...An overview of the process from idea generation to completion.

Writing and ADHD...Writing tips specifically for those who suffer from ADHD.

Writing and the Word (program)...How to make the best use of word and excel files for the writing, submitting, and publishing process.

Young Writers Programs... Tips for utilizing support systems like NANO's Young Writer's Program to finish your projects.

Presentations are 30-60 minutes long.

Send an email to for pricing and details. 

February - Tell a Fairy Tale Day
March - National Reading Month
March - National Craft Month
April - National Poetry Month
May - Mental Health Awareness Month
September - National Literacy Month 
October - National Chemistry Week
October - National ADHD Awareness Month
November - NANO - Write a Novel in a month

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