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 Cursed Corsets,
Duck's Tale

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Something is wrong with the school hamburger buns and it is up to 5th grader Leo Leroy to find out what and stop it. (A mix of Encyclopedia Brown and Dick Tracey.)

Next in the Series: Leo Leroy and the Case of the Long Wait (Status: Beta Testing.)

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Fire burns. Love hurts more.

From the moment Lono saw Pele, he was struck by her unique beauty. As her priest, he shouldn’t desire anything more than an opportunity to cleanse her sins and return her to her family. But every interaction leaves him wanting more. 

Pele has no clear memory of her family or what brought her to the refuge, but Hala’api has his own theory. From the moment the chief met Lono’s mysterious guest, he knew she was more than just a pretty face. She had power. She had fire. And she was destined to be his.

As Pele determines her future, past mistakes return to haunt her. Ones that could not only destroy her, but the island as well.

An Ancient Hawaiian clean romance.    

Next in the Series: Poliahu (Status: rough draft.)

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A to Z are easy to see, but can you find the styles used? Over 19 different definitions of poetry are given that you can use to help spy the Fibonacci, limerick, Chant, etc.

Poetry Series: 
Poetical Reaction - for teenagers (Under Stephanie Neilan)
Poetical Alphabet 2 - for kids (partial draft)
Poetical Musings - for adults- (partial draft)
The Already Out-of-Date and Incomplete list of 120+ poetry styles (Beta Testing - Under Stephanie Neilan)

Coming soon

With gnomes menacing the borders it will take an extraordinary gift to stop them and their allies: navestrungs. 

Next in the Series: Dragon Birth (Status: Revising)

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