Actions and Fate: Grimmtastic Girls vs Story Book of Legends

I’ve been reading two different series lately that both star fairy tale characters attending school together. The Grimmtastic Girls are a little younger and are unaware of the destiny that awaits them. However, in their quest against E.V.I.L, their stories are told. In the Story Book of Legends, the characters are fully aware of the futures they are supposed to embrace, and (some of them) rebel against it. The overwhelming theme becoming fate vs choice. 
Let me just start by saying that I thought both series were very well done. (Much better than the Whatever After series that I had such high hopes for. I read Bad Hair Day, and skimmed the last half of the book.) I think I liked them so much because both series had people making active choices to do what they thought was morally right.
Some questions to consider for yourself....
What drives our decisions?
How do our choices affect our fate?
Is our “fate” just a foretelling of our actions?
Can our destiny happen if we are passive?
If we knew our potential destiny, would that affect our choices? Would those changes then alter our destinies as we fought to keep, or change, it?  

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