PELE - Coming August 21

What a better way to celebrate the day Hawaii became a state than by celebrating its past?

The place of refuge is a site where sinners can be forgiven of their sins. Pele collapses inside its borders, surprising the priest, Lono, with both her arrival and her beauty. The chief, Hala’api works with Lono to learn her origins but quickly decides her only future is with him – especially once he discovers her affinity for fire.

Meanwhile, the island is getting colder. The Snow Maiden’s power is quietly growing stronger and threatens to consume the whole island. The Fire Maiden has stopped her in the past, but can she do so again?

When chief turns against priest and fire battles ice, can true love find a way to survive? 

While some of the details are fake, the place of refuge was not. Imagine a land so holy that it can cleanse you from ANY sin. An area so respected, that wars bypass its location. A place so desired, that people die to get there. 

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